Chapter 6 Wronging him

The next day.

Li Chuchu went to school early in the morning.

Regarding yesterday’s events, she wanted it to be treated as a nightmare and nothing more.

But after waking up early in the morning, her body gave her the lingering feeling that she had to accept the fact that something happened last night.

After coming down from the housekeeper’s car, Li Chuchu went straight to school.

She was a second year university student but there are some differences today.

The difference was that Gu Yuyan didn’t send her to school.

Thinking of what happened last night, her face instantly turned pink.

“Chuchu, it seems that you came very early today. What about your little follower? “

Initially zoomed out, Li Chuhe heard the voice. The person speaking was Bai Xiaotian, her best friend in school.

Seeing her, Li Chuchu suppressed the urge to blush. She knew that Bai Xiaotian’s words were referring to Gu Yuyan. She responded with disdain. “Huh. How would I know? I don’t care about that stupid dog.”

Hearing Li Chuchu said this, Bai Xiaotian can only follow along, “Okay.”

Back in the classroom, in groups of threes’ or twos’ , when her classmates saw Li Chuchu coming, they all frowned and then many people began to whisper.

“Look it’s the Li’s family, we already started class. It is really promoting madness. I didn’t know that this school was opened by her family.

“Just let her be, the worst always comes last.”

“Haha! That’s true! In terms of studies, she ranks last. She is so grown up yet she can’t even take care of herself. It’s a miracle for such a useless person to live this long of a life .”

In class , there were many people who were unhappy with Li Chuchu. In the past, Li Chuchu never paid attention to their gossip, but today, she was inexplicably sensitive.These words were unpleasant for her ears.

It was due to Gu Yuyan not coming to send her to school and it seemed to be because of her problem with Bai Yixiao’s.

She grabbed a classmate who didn’t usually look friendly and pointed at her, “Who are you talking about! You dare speak about, say it loudly in front of me! I mistook you for a bug. Oh no a fly is buzzing.”

Bai Xiaotian also followed up with Li Chuchu by saying, “Mu Shuqi, I warn you not to gossip behind other people’s backs. If you want to talk about it, you better remember your Mu family’s status .”

Mu Shuqi was speechless at first, her face was even more red, and she immediately cried and ran away covering her face.

Watching her run away, Li Chuchu cursed, “Loser.”

At school, she had always been walking proudly with such haughtiness, usually no one dared to provoke her.

For the first period, Li Chuchu was lying on the desk, half asleep and half awake. After the lesson, she was going to sleep but unexpectedly, Bai Yixiao came.

Bai Yixiao was standing at the door.

When Li Chuchu thought of last night, she remembered the recording. When she remembered the last sentence, she began to feel very sick in her heart, which felt more disgusting than when she was touched by Gu Yuyan.

Staring at each other, after a while, Bai Yixiao came in.

He walked towards Li Chuchu’s side and bent down, “Chuchu, what happened last night… I’m sorry. He found out.”

At first, Li didn’t know how to face him, and she didn’t understand what he meant. She said, “Explain yourself.”

“What, what? Explain?” Bai Yixiao froze for a moment. Although he revealed their whereabouts to Gu Yuyan, he didn’t know that Gu Yuyan would record his words.

It was only then that he noticed that Li Chuchu was a bit wrong. When he couldn’t react for a while, he only saw Li Chuchu standing up and slapped him in the face.

 “Piak!” Slap, the sound was very loud, and a five-finger slap mark appeared on Bai Yixiao’s face.

  After slapping him for the first time, her eyes frowned slightly, and her words were full of dissatisfaction, “You have a relationship with me and yet you have something going on with other women? What do you take me for?”

Li Chuchu was fuming. She actually wanted to give Bai Yixiao an opportunity to explain himself. But now, she looked at Bai Yixiao’s stupid appearance and she didn’t want to listen to anything he said at all.

Bai Yixiao raised his hand to cover his face and for a time, the pair gave each other stoned looks, his brain was buzzing.

He heard Li Chuchu’s words, his face was obviously distorted. He looked at Li Chuchu, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand. What woman?”

“You still won’t admit it? Gu Yuyan gave me the recording. When you talked to him, another woman was saying that they have been waiting for you for a long time, and you even responded to her.”

Li Chu had just finished speaking, and Bai Yixiao’s brain quickly turned around. At this time, he realized why he got a slap.

He began to quibble, “How is it possible… How can I have another woman? This is Gu Yuyan’s plan? Last night, Gu Yuyan stopped me and then he made people keep me trapped in my house.I could not get out. My phone was even smashed by his goons and I could not reach you. Today, I rushed to find you as soon as I came to school.”

This made Li Chuchu stunned, Gu Yuyan deliberately planned it?

Indeed, the recording could have been faked.

This time, Li Chuchu felt panicked and she actually wrongly accused Bai Yixiao with a recording of Gu Yuyan’s lies.

The anger on her face gradually cooled, but nothing came out of her mouth.

Even if she wanted to apologize to Bai Yixiao, her arrogance made her never apologize to others.

Just when she didn’t know what to do, Bai Yixiao broke the tense atmosphere. His words were full of tenderness and care. “Chuchu, Did anything happen last night? Did he take you home? You were not scolded, Right?”

In regards to Gu Yuyan’s in the know, Bai Yixiao naturally knew better from Li Chuchu’s mouth and he took what happened last night as Gu Yuyan simply to seperate them and he could receive even more money. It was natural to inform Gu Yuyan of their whereabouts in advance.

Hearing Bai Yixiao’s question, the expression on Li Chuchu’s face went straight black. She was a little flustered, her hands clenched a small fist, her eyes avoided from Bai Yixiao, “No… no.”

“That’s good.”

As soon as Bai Yixiao finished speaking, the school bell rang.

After he left, Li Chuchu sat in the classroom upset.


Li Chuchu did not know how to face Bai Yixiao in the future due to the morning events. Now she just wanted to find Gu Yuyan to settle their scores.

In the afternoon, Li Chuchu waited for Gu Yuyan’s return home.

Originally, Gu Yuyan had nothing else to do besides taking care of her but since he was found back by the Gu family, he would often go to the company of the Gu family.